Gpart (not gparted) under FreeBSD has problems to add a FAT32 partition when using GPT (works with MBR).

This is the disk:

% gpart show /dev/da0
=>      40  15257520  da0  GPT  (7.3G)
        40  15257520       - free -  (7.3G)

But now I get an error:

% gpart add -t fat32 /dev/da0
gpart: Invalid argument

How do I create a FAT32 partition with a GUID Partition Table under FreeBSD?

  • Does it work if you create an exFAT filesystem? Commented Dec 15, 2019 at 3:04

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man gpart, section PARTITION TYPES states:

ms-basic-data               A basic data partition (BDP) for Microsoft
                            operating systems.  In the GPT this type is
                            the equivalent to partition types fat16, fat32
                            and ntfs in MBR.

So, since you are using GPT scheme, you have to use ms-basic-data type instead of fat32.

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