So I have a security cam that will send out an email notification anytime motion is detected. I got this to work with gmail and it will properly send out an email. However, I don't want to use gmail as I would like to write a script that records these messages into a text file which is stored on my network drives so I can view the text report remotely. Therefore I looked into setting up my own smtp server to send out these emails. I have successfully setup postfix to send local emails.

echo "Subject: hello2" | sendmail secadmin@localhost

I can then see these emails in /var/mail I could then use this file to write the required script.

This is then where I hit a major roadblock. I have no idea how get the smtp server to send out emails from a remote machine. The camera email setup is as such:

enter image description here

How do I find out what to put into these settings? If I was to use gmail this is pretty straight forward however I don't even know where to begin when using postfix. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My only guesses would be:

SMTP server: local address of posfix server (

SMTP port: Could I use port 25 if I dont enable SSL/TLS?

Sender Address: secadmin@localhost

passsword: Password for my linux server?

recipient address: secadmin@localhost


Solved it. Most of my settings were correct, I just had to make sure my postfix server was actually listening on the right address. FAIL

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