I have a Docker host that became unreachable for me. The only thing I could get was snapshots of its volumes. I need to extract the docker images from those snapshots.

I created regular volumes from the snapshots, which I was able to attach to a new virtual machine. I now have access to the original host's filesystem.

My first idea was starting a local docker daemon and extract the images using docker save. This does not work. I tried several things to point my dockerd to what was /var/lib/docker on the original machine. I tried copying the files, bind mount and dockerd -g. The result is always the same: the VM freezes.

After that I tried copying /var/lib/docker/overlay2 and /var/lib/images/overlay2. This allows my dockerd to start without freezing the system but docker image ls does not show any images present.

As far as i can tell, theoretically, it should be possible to mount the docker images using mount -t overlay. This would rid me of using docker, but I have no idea how to go about building the mount command.

How can I salvage my docker images from the "raw" filesystem?

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