I recently noticed, my graphicscard seem to make noise when something visibly changes on any of my monitors including the laptops builtin screen.

It appears on actions like scrolling a webpage or hovering something that changes anything visibly. It's very quietly and noticeable within ~40cm (16 inches). It sound's similar to the scratchy noise of a harddisk but is much more quiet and slightly different.

  • It only occurs on Linux (manjaro) and not on Windows (10)
  • It happens on changes no matter which program I scroll in, etc.
  • It happens during the whole image change (e.g. throughout scrolling)

I did not know that a graphicscard ever would make any noise. It could be the harddisk though.

Q: Why does this sound appear? Is there anything been written to the harddisk when the image on a screen changes?

Q: Could it be some systemd conspiracy stuff that's recording screen changes or so? Don't think I'm joking, just want to push my research in all possible directions.

Q: Do I have to worry for upcoming hardware issues in the near future?

Using: Acer Aspire F5, Intel i5 (7thG) Nvidia GeForce 950M

  • Are you sure it's not RFI harmonics coming through loudspeakers? – roaima Dec 17 '19 at 19:07
  • 1
    I had a similar issue with Nvidia a while back. Make sure no wires are touching and/or try using a different graphics driver. This may help, but no promises. – Alexander Dec 20 '19 at 12:12