What does the word "rolling" in "1:" below signify?

 Package                            Arch         Version                        Repository  Size
 java-latest-openjdk                x86_64       1:       epel       207 k
Installing for dependencies:
 java-latest-openjdk-headless       x86_64       1:       epel        40 M

Transaction Summary

.rolling was added to the OpenJDK release number in Fedora, RHEL, and descendants to avoid file conflicts with the versioned OpenJDK packages (java-11-openjdk etc.). The latest package sometimes matches a versioned OpenJDK package, and when that happens, both packages ship files in the same locations; adding .rolling to the latest package’s release avoids this.

See #1647298 for details.

One possible meaning for “rolling” here is that it’s a continuously-updated package, which might change major versions within a release of the distribution.


nothing or anything.

This package has the version number but that might as well have been or whatever. For rpm this is just text.

  • I assume someone chose to add the word rolling to for a reason, it's that reason I'm looking for. – Nifle Dec 10 '19 at 12:42

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