I was able to do this the other day but now it does not want to work. Basically, to copy text from a file that I opened using VIM from one terminal into another file opened in a separate terminal, I am suppose to use +y to yank the text and use +p to be able to paste between terminals.

Now today, it does not want to work so maybe I am remembering how to do it wrong.

I am pressing "shift", "+",and "y" keys at the same time and I see the terminal saying it has been "yanked".

Now I go to the other file currently opened in another terminal and try to paste by pressing the "shift","+", and "p" keys to execute the +p command but I'm not getting the right text pasted into my file. I believe I'm still pasting the previous text that I yanked from the same file itself.

What am I doing wrong?

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I think you're not remembering the full commands, you seem to be missing a " at the start.

It's actually "+y to yank and "+p to put. "+ is a reference to the clipboard register.

To copy: "+y

To paste: "+p

See :help "+ for a reference on the clipboard register.

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