I have been asked to install Debian GNU/Linux on 100 computers some time ago. Today I received one hundred labels like this

Debian COA example (digital image made from SVG attachment from email asking me to install Debian)

and one Debian installation DVD. However, I don't know how should I OEM install them so user will be able to create own account and configure the system before starting to work because Debian installer only provides standard install.

How do I OEM install Debian? What should I do with these labels?


It appears the GLAT scam has migrated to using pictures of the URL instead of the URL directly, and that they are temporarily hosted at notabug.org instead of on github/gitlab as before. I would throw the stickers away and install Debian by following Debian's Installation instructions.

Quoting Michael Hampton from the Server Fault page: Purchasing a license for enterprise GNU/Linux:

You should remove this glat-client from your affected systems, and treat this as a potential security compromise.

Looking at the source code repositories for this so-called glat-official, we can see that they are based on the so-called Linux Genuine Advantage, a hoax licensing scheme for Linux which was meant as a parody of Windows Genuine Advantage (a Windows technology in Windows XP that was infamous for annoying legitimate users). Linux Genuine Advantage did not actually do anything, but it appears that someone has made this GLAT have a functional license server. Whoever they are, they might even be trying to collect money from people. If that's the case, it would be more of a scam than a hoax.

In either case, you should investigate how this program got on to your systems, as it may be an indication of security compromise.

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