Is there any way to have the live time in the promt, such that when I execute a command, the time shown is the time the command was executed?

So far I'm using S1="[\t me@here]\$ " for example, and this is the prompt: [04:30:39 me@here]$

If I run a few commands, I get this:

[04:30:39 me@here]$ date #command1
Tue Dec  3 04:30:47 EET 2019 #result1
[04:30:47 me@here]$ date #command2
Tue Dec  3 04:31:01 EET 2019 #result2
[04:31:01 me@here]$ date #command4
Tue Dec  3 04:31:04 EET 2019 #result4

As you can see, the time of command1's execution is on the prompt of command2.

I would like a timer that "ticks" with the prompt on idle, if it's possible.


this will do that:


run install, then run setup-prompt for each user. The prompt is theme-able, so you can set colors, have different stuff displayed, etc.

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