I need to merge two .csv tables,

one that contains the following info with NO HEADER:

gene0   ABCD
gene1   xyz
gene2   1234


Another table has a header and information like that:

gene_id sample1
gene0   135
gene1   5468
gene2   65

... etc

What I would like to have is

gene_id sample1
ABCD    135
xyz     5468
1234    65

Is it even possible to merge these two and, if yes, what is the best way to do it?

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    Are those "genes" always come in consecutive order? – RomanPerekhrest Dec 2 '19 at 18:47

For the case when all "genes" come in consecutive order:
one-line combination of head + tail + join commands:

head -1 file2.csv ; join --header -j1 -o1.2,2.2 file1.csv <(tail +2 file2.csv)

Sample output:

gene_id sample1
ABCD 135
xyz 5468
1234 65
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