When trying to install davfs2 on Centos 8 using:

yum install davfs2

I get the message "Error: Unable to find a match". I have tried

sudo yum -y install epel-release

and tried installing with dnf instead of yum based on some searches I did. My problem is I'm not super well-versed with Unix and I can't find much on Centos 8 to help me out. Everything come back with Centos 7 when I try searching.

Is davfs2 not supported on Centos 8, or am I just going about this the wrong way? I have installed it on Centos 7 using this method before.

  • The EPEL 8 repository does not contain the davfs2 package. It is still available on the EPEL 7 repository. The package information is here. I guess you could reach out to the maintainer of the package for clarification. CentOS 8 is still pretty new, so it may simply be that the package has not been built for it yet. – Haxiel Dec 2 '19 at 17:42

davfs2 is in EPEL now and should be installable.

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