enter image description here My Files drive is not able to modify

enter image description here


It's a permission problem. A newly formatted partition will initially be owned by root since the root user is the only one that can do that. What's needed is for you to claim ownership of the file system.

If that partition is mounted say to /media/Downloads then in the terminal run sudo chown -v $USER:$USER /media/Downloads

$USER is an environment variable that resolves to your user id.


There are a number of possibilities.

  1. As @Deepak Gaur mentioned, it could be permissions.
  2. It could be that the filesystem itself is read only. This is typically because it was mounted that way, but could also be by design, like the ISO9660 filesystem.
  3. It could be that the filesystem is corrupt. Check the output of dmesg to see if the kernel reported anything about this.
  4. It could be that you have a network filesystem where the remote server doesn't allow access. (Unlikely as OP describes the problem.)
  5. It could be that there are problems accessing the drive. This could mean a flash drive has been disconnected, or a RAID drive has had too many component drives fail.
  6. There could be extended attributes giving you grief (like an immutable directory).
  7. There could be extended security attributes, such as for SELinux.
  8. The filesystem could be full.
  9. There could be otherwise unknown bugs (highly unlikely), or other issues I haven't thought of.

Recommendation: Get a command line in the relevant directory, an try commands like mkdir somename and touch anothername, and ls to see if they worked.
The error messages should be informative.


I am using Windows as second OS, In that case My File System was Read Only File System.

My FileSystem was Locked. Might be due to unexpected Windows Shutdown.

This is not required in some case /dev/sda is visible from above I got the Partion from comple storage using :(Path will be /dev/sda[Number] check the Type)

sudo fdisk -l

Then it is due to Windows. Then I gave a shot

sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda[ntfs_partion_number]

Later I just Clicked on Mount and Unmount .

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