I successfully mounted an ISO image of Alpine Linux on my Hetzner VPS. I conveniently run setup-interface to get internet access, and setup-sshd to configure my ssh access. All running smoothly !

However, when I df -h I cannot see the disk space I am supposed to. I thought I could fix this using setup-disk then choose sys or even lvm to set it up for me, but even though I see some things are going on (erasing disk, installing alpine on disk...), after reboot I still cannot see my expected 20GB disk space.

So far I have come to see that the device /dev/sda has one partition /dev/sda1 which is the one I need, but it is not mounted as root / nor printed when I df -h. In fact, root seems to be mounted in ram with tmpfs and I understand this might be the issue: I just can't seem to find any docs related to how to make the switch from tmpfs to a local disk install.

How can I mount my /dev/sda1 partition to root (/) and keep that after reboot ?

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