I am facing an issue to use shell script restart server and confirm it restart success immediately after observing multiple strings in sequence, the case is i have to monitor a running log, as example it will generate 4 below information message in sequence, the sequence of these message cannot exchange, otherwise cannot recognize restart success:

We can ignore timestamp, i put it here just for declare how it is in sequence

other log   
Timestamp 00:05 --> Registering application status UP  
other log  
Timestamp 00:10 --> registration status: 204  
other log  
Timestamp 00:50 --> Updating port to 8080  
other log  
Timestamp 01:00 --> Started application in * seconds  

So after observing 4 messages one by one when tail the running log, i can terminate the tail and run other operations.
I try some way, like keep tail the last line on log file, then grep or awk, e.g

tail -f -n 1 monitor_app.log | awk '/Registering application status UP/'
tail -f -n 1 monitor_app.log | awk '/registration status: 204/'

either will work individually, but when i try to combine them and even tail the whole log till current time, it failed to keep capture in sequence for 4 messages, e.g

tail -f monitor_app.log | awk '/Registering application status UP/ && /registration status: 204/'

So, how to keep capture strings that come in sequence with tail the log ? And how to terminate tail after capture these strings ? Thanks

PS. I am not sure if i have to open tail 4 times to capture 4 strings and terminate tail 4 times. The ideal way maybe only using one tail and keep capturing 4 strings until find all of them, then close the one tail

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