I am struggling to set a VPN connection to our university's network, so far to no avail. Our standard method is via Pulse Secure.

The IT department provides a pulseSecure.deb file for this purpose, but I could not install it with dpkg -i pulseSecure.deb, it quits with a syntax error in one of the shell scripts they provided.

Ideally, I do not want to debug their long scripts, nor I prefer installing such an additional software. Is there a way to use a more native VPN client for this purpose or do I absolutely have to use Pulse Secure? May I not configure it as OpenVPN or PPTP through the Network Manager?

I am using 64 bit Linux Mint 19.1, am totally OK with a command line solution. The only configuration parameters the IT department provides for Pulse Secure are:


URL: https://VPN.UNIV.EDU/linux

  • openconnect supports juniper protocol (old pulse protocol) and recent version supports also newer pulse connect secure protocol. There's NetworkManager support. The real problem is I don't know if it's available on Linux Mint (rather than say Debian) – A.B Dec 8 '19 at 22:46

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