I am interested to generate a Debian rootfs for aarch64 machine from an x86_64 workstation. What are the required steps to achieve this ?

As far as I know the proper way is to use debootstrap:


Is it correct, or there is any other recommended way ?

EDIT: my goal is to build a rootfs to be mounted from an ARM device. Precisely, I will install this rootfs on a micro SD card.

  • What is the end goal? Do you want to build this new Debian rootfs to stand alone? Effectively installing it to a disk so you can boot off of it? Or do you want to create a chroot to be able to cross-compile things in aarch64 on a x86_64 workstation? Please edit your post to include what your goal is, what you have tried, and what is not working. debootstrap can do both of these things but it will help others to know what you are trying to accomplish so as to provide an appropriate answer. Thank you. – kemotep Nov 27 '19 at 13:31
  • Hi, I edited the question as you suggest. – simozz Nov 27 '19 at 13:47

When building your own arm64 Debian port, debootstrap will be the best option. There may already exist a working Debian image/tarball/installer for your arm64 board but if you require more granular control over your system, building it yourself will be best.

I am including a link to the Debian Wiki on debootstrap as well as the manpage for reference.

For more information on arm64 Debian, check out this Debian Wiki page.

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