All I need is the Zip file name. In the first step I searched for the author:

egrep -ni -B1 --color "$autor: test_autor" file_search_v1.log > result1.log

whatever worked, the result was:

zip: /var/www/dir_de/html/dir1/dir2/7890971.zip
author: test_autor
zip: /var/www/dir_de/html/dir1/dir2/10567581.zip
author: test_autor

But, as mentioned above, the Ziip file name. In the second step I tried to filter the result of the first search again:

egrep -ni -B1 --color "$autor: test_autor" file_search_v1.log | xargs grep -i -o "\/[[:digit:]]]\.zip"

to search only for the filename, unfortunately this does not work.

My question. How should the second grep filter "look" so that I only get the zip file name?

  • Could you please paste a few lines of file_search_v1.log so we know what the original file looks like?
    – markgraf
    Nov 25, 2019 at 14:26

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grep -B1 "$autor: test_autor" file_search_v1.log | grep -o "[^/]*\.zip$"

Change the first grep as needed. The second grep filters out the parts at the end of the line containing non-/ characters followed by the .zip suffix.

If you know that your zip files only contains digits, you could exchange [^/] with [[:digit:]].


With single awk expression:

$ author="test_autor"
$ awk -v pat="author: $author" '$0 ~ pat{ sub(/^.*\//, "", zip); print zip }{ zip=$0 }' file

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