I installed ubuntu 18.04 on a lenovo legion y540 laptop with dual hard disks. ubuntu 18.04 on 128GB m.2 and windows 10 on the second drive-ssd. When I installed ubuntu I chose 15GB swap space. The machine has 16GB ram.

Problem: When I open system monitor application, it shows the system as 2gb of swap but on the 'disks' app, it shows the swap as 15gb as I allocated. Why is this discrepeancy?

system monitor and disks output

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Your 15GB partition isn’t active (“Swap (version 1) — Not Active”), so that’s not where your system is storing the 2GB of swap it’s configured with. I’m guessing your active swap volume is on your other drive, or in a file.

To see what swap is in use, run


in a terminal.

To enable your 15GB swap partition, add

UUID=33e3aead-68d1-4e67-98f7-2fcb2150bcf9 swap swap default 0 0

to /etc/fstab, and run

sudo swapon -a
  • Thanks for the answer. The result says /swapfile file 2G 0B -2. How do I 'activate' the swap that I created? Nov 25, 2019 at 10:18
  • See my updated answer. Nov 25, 2019 at 10:41

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