I am writing a large LaTeX document for the first time, and I recently learned how to check my spelling with aspell. My document contains a few names and bits of technical jargon that aspell does not like. For example, I would like to have aspell accept the word 'odometry' in my files.

I'd like to create a list of valid words that aspell can use along with whatever list it is already using to check a word's validity. I'd also like to store this master word list in or near the same directory that contains all of my *.tex files so that I can include it in my git repository.

Can someone provide examples of:

  1. A correctly formatted file that tells aspell to consider 'odometry' a valid word,
  2. The relevant aspell command + arguments required to use the above list

My attempt to figure this out led me to create a personal dictionary. Despite trying a few variations of filenames and command args, aspell never changed its behavior to respect this whitelist.


Using the option --home-dir=. with aspell allowed me to store the following lines in my repository as jargon.txt:

personal_ws-1.1 en 30 utf-8

Thank you to Jeff Schaller for providing the links that led me to this answer.

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