I have two python versions in my machine python2.7 and python3.7.4. How can I upgrade my python3.7.4 to python3.8 and set its as default across all user?

  • Have you at some point installed it with your apt package manager? Does your package repositories provide a newer version? – Kusalananda Nov 21 '19 at 7:02
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    @Shadur you are right, but Kali creates so many low quality questions which are pretty much unsalvagable without first giving the OP a complete basic introductory course on Linux. – Panki Nov 21 '19 at 8:15
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    @Panki Everybody need to start learning something at some instance, instead of going beyond the topic, please kindly answer my question :D – user380727 Nov 21 '19 at 8:27
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    And installing Kali to the desktop is a terrible way to start learning. I'm actually agreeing with @Panki here, I'm just more polite about it. – Shadur Nov 21 '19 at 8:33
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    @ChinkySight Please take a look at Kali Linux' own recommendations on this exact subject. – Shadur Nov 21 '19 at 8:43

I'm going to be blunt here:


The reason python 2.7 is still installed on your system is almost certainly because various scripts and programs, possibly system-essential ones, still rely on 2.7 and haven't been ported to 3.x yet.

Python 2.7 programs do not work in Python3 without extreme rewriting. Your package manager will almost certainly refuse to let you delete 2.7, and you risk breaking your entire system if you try to force it.

I'm not terribly familiar with Kali specifically (and this is neither the time or place to once more point out that Kali isn't intended to be, and shouldn't be used as, a general-purpose desktop system), but I do know that Debian maintainers are working hard to audit all their software to make sure there'll be no more remaining 2.7-reliant scripts well before the sunset.

Also, to ease your fears a bit, Jan 1st 2020 is when the official Python team will stop supporting and maintaining 2.7; most distributions have their own maintenance teams that generally can and will address security issues as they arise for at least long enough for their own software to no longer be dependent on 2.7.

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