Here is my script:

if [ $Z ]; then
    echo "$Z exists"
    unzip $Z -d test
   echo "$Z doesn't exist!"

I get back this when running the script:

/var/pixel/sftp/gisftp/pixel_images/pixel_images_archive.zip exists
unzip:  cannot find or open
/var/pixel/sftp/gisftp/pixel_images/pixel_images_archive.zip, /var/pixel/sftp/gisftp/pixel_images/pixel_images_archive.zip.zip or /var/pixel/sftp/gisftp/pixel_images/pixel_images_archive.zip.ZIP.

How does it exist, but not exist??

How should I troubleshoot this?


[ $Z ] only tests that the string is not empty (and [ -n "$Z" ] would have been preferable), not that the file named by the string exists. Use [ -e "$Z" ] for that. See the manual page for test or the documentation of your shell (because [ may be a shell built-in).

test (which is the full name of [) also allows you to check whether a file exists and is not empty (test -s "$Z"), or if it exists and is a regular file (test -f "$Z") etc.

  • [ -e "$Z" ] worked, it turned out the path was wrong, thank you! – some1 Nov 21 at 0:10
  • 1
    Perhaps even -r as a test, since unzip will want to read it. – Jeff Schaller Nov 21 at 0:30

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