When replying to an email, Mutt inserts a line like this:

On $day $month, $sender wrote:

and puts the sender's mail below.

I'd like to change that, specifically I'd like to add the time of the sender's email.

Does Mutt offer a setting to do that?


Yes, the setting is attribution, which by default is

"On %d, %n wrote:"

There are a variety of substitutions available; %d is supposed to represent the date and time of the message you’re replying to. The format used for the date and time is determined by the date_format setting.

You can change these settings by editing your .muttrc:

set attribution="On %d, %n wrote:"
set date_format="!%a, %b %d, %Y at %I:%M:%S%p %Z"
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Based on Stephen Kitt's helpful answer I added this to my muttrc:

set attribution="On %[!%F at %T], %n (%a) wrote:"

Which produces a line like this in the reply:

On 2019-11-20 at 19:31:16, The Sender (sender@domain.com) wrote:

I first tried to set date_format using Mutt's hooks (reply-hook and folder-hook) in order to use %d in both attribution and the index_format but still have different time formats for index and attribution. This worked until returning to the index from replying to a message: The index would now show the same time format as the attribution line in the message reply.

Since there doesn't seem to be a post-reply-hook or a hook that's executed when showing the index, I used the square brackets to format the date in the attribution setting, something I learned how to do here.

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