Using S3FS, a specific folder in a bucket can be mounted using s3fs bucket:/path/to/folder <mountpoint>. This works fine for me.

I'd like to mount in the same way using an entry in /etc/fstab, but can't figure out how to specify the path to the folder. Mounting the entire bucket works just fine: bucket local_path fuse.s3fs _netdev,allow_other,passwd_file=/etc/password-s3fs 0 0

However, specifying the folder path results in the bucket being unrecognized: bucket:/folder local_path fuse.s3fs _netdev,allow_other,passwd_file=/etc/password-s3fs 0 0

s3fs_check_service(3711): bucket not found - result of checking service.

Is there a different way of specifying a path to a folder?

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Does the following format work:


Note that this may require a directory object to exist, e.g., created via s3fs.

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