I am trying to link my keepass password manager across multiple devices. I used to do this via dropbox, but their policy of limiting the number of devices that can connect to an account has me wanting to try a solution via google drive.

This has worked, however I am unable to save an edited keepass file to my drive account from Linux. On a windows machine, opening the file from Drive allows me to save edits to the file on the cloud.

However in Linux, i cannot access the drive location in the save as dialogue.

I have seen a few solutions to this problem, but they seem to be from before Gnome 3 integrated drive into Nautilus. What i am wondering is what i need to do to have keepass take advantage of the integration of goole drive in the save as dialogue - as i said it can open the file from this location.

Do i still have to add google sync plugins or is there something simpler that i am missing?

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