My understanding is that suspend-to-swap (swsusp) will fail if there is not enough free space in swap.

Is there a way to reserve swap space for swsusp, such that the space will never be used for "normal" swap purposes?

I have seen another answer that suggests creating a swap partition, let it mount, and set vm.swappiness = 0. But there are two issues with that solution:

  1. It's not bullet-proof; vm.swappiness = 0 doesn't completely prevent the kernel to use swap - it only makes the kernel really hold off using swap until it absolutely needs it.
  2. And if the kernel holds off using swap, well, I don't get to use regular swap at all.

What I'm envisioning is to have two separate swap partitions:

  • swap1 will be exactly as big as my RAM and reserved for swsusp hibernation;
  • swap2 will be whatever size I want and used for normal swap.

Is that setup possible?

That would be similar to how Windows works; in Windows, you would have:

  • pagefile.sys for normal swap
  • hiberfile.sys reserved for hibernation

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