How do you use parted to make the first [primary] partition start at sector 63? Or does this happen automatically when doing

parted  /dev/sdb  mkpart  primary   0%  <end %>

I am dealing with cloning disks and finding grub2 has a core.img which is not a file name on the filesystem but important data located between the MBR and the first partition...


As mentioned above, stage 1.5 of GRUB must be located in the space between the boot record itself and the first partition on the disk drive. This space was left unused historically for technical reasons. The first partition on the hard drive begins at sector 63 and with the MBR in sector 0, that leaves 62 512-byte sectors—31,744 bytes—in which to store the core.img file which is stage 1.5 of GRUB. The core.img file is 25,389 Bytes so there is plenty of space available between the MBR and the first disk partition in which to store it.

Is using parted for MBR disks with a start of 0% bad?

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  • emphasis on historically, I guess... you don't make partitions start at sector 63 anymore. go for MiB alignment – frostschutz Nov 14 '19 at 23:50

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