I have an embedded project where I use an alpine based docker image to build binaries for micro controllers. These micro controllers have different architectures as well as processors. E.g. armhf cortex-m0 and armhf cortex-m4. The build depends on different libraries, which are built in their respective CI for each relevant processor.

I would like to store the prebuilt libraries as apk packages in a personal repository and use these packages when building the final binary. My problem is that I am not sure how to approach having the same library but for different architecture+processor combinations, as well as how to install a package that is not for the host machines architecture Apk normally automatically detects the host machines architecture and tries to install the right package(I assume that's the setting here). However, I would like to install a package for a specific processor, so I can cross compile with it.

How do I best approach this? How to properly cross compile with apk to start with?

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