-z, --gzip
filter the archive through gzip

print total bytes after processing the archive; with an argument - print total bytes when this SIGNAL is delivered; Allowed signals are: SIGHUP, SIGQUIT, SIGINT, SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2; the names without SIG prefix are also accepted

Consider for example the command from this answer:

tar --totals=USR1 -czf output.tar input.file
Total bytes written: 6005319680 (5.6GiB, 23MiB/s)

Does this print the total bytes before or after passing them to gzip?

"bytes written" implies that it's the number of bytes written to disk, but I have currently a running job where tar claims double the number of bytes written than the target destination tar.gz file is taking up according to ls -lah.
Hence, I assume that it is actually "bytes that would have been written" but I cannot find documentation on that behaviour.

I am running tar (GNU tar) 1.27.1.


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