I have chromium running on a remote (Debian Linux) machine. It is displaying local content.

I can remotely log on to the machine using SSH for access to the command line. I cannot remotely inspect the console log via GUI.

  1. Is there a Chromium console log file?
  2. If so, where would it typically be located?
  3. If no, is there another way to view Chromium console log output from the command line?

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Run chromium as follow:

chromium --enable-logging=stderr --v=1 &> ~/file.log

From ssh:

tail -f ~/file.log

How to enable logging


On a Raspberry Pi which is Debian based using Buster version 10 I used this command to launch:

chromium --enable-logging --v=1

Then to find the log file I used:

sudo find / -name "chrome*.log"

I used this to view the log(the path will likley be different for you):

sudo tail -f /rds/home/rds-user/.config/chromium/chrome_debug.log

You could just cat or nano instead of tail -f.

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