I'd like to know how much resource a specific command is using.

top and htop displays information on per process basis but I'd like the information to be shown on per command basis. E.g. I'd like to know how much RAM chrome is using.

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    Utilities such as top and ps vary by OS. You should tag the question with the OS you are using. – jordanm Nov 7 '12 at 22:17

You could run top in batch mode -b with 1 iteration -n1. You grep it, pipe it to awk, SUM the result and print it.

top -b -n1 | grep chrome | awk '{ SUM += $9} END { print SUM }'

I don't know which column you want to output. Change $9 to fit your needs.


This is possible in atop. Just press p when running it. From the help:

Accumulated figures:
        'u'  - total resource consumption per user
        'p'  - total resource consumption per program (i.e. same process name)
        'j'  - total resource consumption per container

Pressing H in htop group the processes by the main thread (command), actually it toggles the threads visibility.

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