I'm not sure this is the right community to ask.

I'm trying to install a fresh Arch Linux on a PEAQ Laptop that ran Windows 10 for 2-3 years. After multiple attempts, I can't fin a way to boot from my USB stick.

My UEFI setting are as follow:

  • Secure Boot [Disabled]
  • Secure Boot Mode [Standard]
  • Quiet Boot [Disabled]
  • Fast Boot [Disabled]

Boot Option # [UEFI: My USB, Partition 1] Boot Option #2 [Windows Boot Manager]

I tried multiple times with multiple settings and 2-3 distros (Arch, Archx32, Lubuntu) the computer always run the Windows Boot Manager. All my USB sticks are made using Rufus 3.8 with the last releases of the distros. Has anyone ever encountered this situation?

  • What happens if you disable boot option #2? What error message do you get? – dirkt Nov 10 at 19:37
  • @dirkt I can't disable it, it's a list or priority. I can only select an other available boot option. – UndercookedBird Nov 10 at 19:38
  • That's an interesting BIOS if you can't disable it ... can you take out the harddisk/SSD with Windows on it? – dirkt Nov 10 at 19:39
  • @dirkt it's the kind of small laptop that can be folded into a tablet. I'm not sure I can acces the Hard Drive to remove it. I'll look into it. – UndercookedBird Nov 10 at 20:16
  • @dirkt So it appears I didn't looked enough. I can disable the boot options. When I try to do so, leaving only the USB stick, the system boots on Windows anyway. – UndercookedBird Nov 10 at 22:16

made using Rufus 3.8

Is it officially known to work? Rufus has been known to cripple hybrid ISOs for quite some time around me (like UltraISO or UNetBootin), so we ended up recommending plain dd or imagewriter-- maybe try writing ALT Rescue this way and if it works, you at least know the path :-)

Another source of trouble might be 32-bit UEFI firmware with 64-bit capable CPU, you can run a 64-bit distro there but need 32-bit EFI bootloader (might also need shim) and a CONFIG_EFI_MIXED kernel config option.

PS: the excellent Rod's books on the topic might give you some understanding of what goes on...

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    I remember seeing the system was a 32-bits Windows running on a 64-bits capable CPU. I look into that, thank you! – UndercookedBird Nov 11 at 17:29

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