Automounting not working correctly for CIFS shares; weird results

Base on the above question, my issue is that my samba/cifs password do have '*' and '&' characters which point me to the lines:

if [ -e "$credfile" ]
    smbclientopts="-A "$credfile

what would be the correct way to escape the password? in the credfile


this way fail


or fix the " smbclientopts="-A "$credfile "

thanks for the comments.

2020 update: clean pop-os install

> apt install samba autofs smbclient 
> sudo nano /etc/creds/<<host>> 
> sudo chmod rw-r-r /etc/creds/<<host>> 
> sudo nano /etc/auto.master ###edit: /smb auto.smb --timeout=300 
> sudo systemctl restart autofs.service


> the ls /smb/<<host>> show all the shares 
> but ls /smb/<<host>>/<<share>> 
> ls -l /smb/ccollart/home 
> ls: cannot open directory '/smb/ccollart/home': No such file or directory


> Feb  5 11:26:33 pop-os kernel: [10292.285802] CIFS: Attempting to mount //ccollart/home
> Feb  5 11:26:33 pop-os kernel: [10292.285816] Unable to determine destination address.

I then install winbind:

sudo apt install libnss-winbind winbind

BTW, my local DNS do add searchdomain = localdomain and DNS do resolve IPv4 both "host" and "host.localdomain"

  • How did come to the conclusion that the linked question (closed without a resolution) references special characters in the credentials file? I have a few in mine (not yours, in particular) and didn't need to escape them. – ajgringo619 Nov 9 '19 at 17:23

my solution was to install CIFS-UTILS,because the FS type is opts="-fstype=cifs"

sudo apt install cifs-utils

but most of the tutorials that I follow doesn't include this step,maybe

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