Assuming that the bcache cache device is fully flushed, is it possible to access the data stored in a bcache backing device without bcache?

I'd like to have a bcache NTFS partition which is also accessible from Windows dual boot system.

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bcache.txt says:

Recovering data without bcache:

If bcache is not available in the kernel, a filesystem on the backing device is still available at an 8KiB offset. So either via a loopdev of the backing device created with --offset 8K, or any value defined by --data-offset when you originally formatted bcache with make-bcache.

I see that make-bcache has an option:

-o, --data-offset   data offset in sectors

If this were set to be a (1M / sector size) offset, it should it then be possible to create an overlapping GPT partition starting +1M and ending at the same sector as the backing device.

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