Can i3 (I'm using regolith actually) show the same workspace on two different displays?

I use jupyter notebook for teaching and I would somehow like to solve that my students only see the "active" notebook, but I can switch between my notes (usually other notebooks) and the notebook I'm showing them.

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Using the workspace command you can assign a workspace to multiple screens.

workspace <workspace> output <output1> [output2]…

Here are some examples:

workspace 1 output LVDS1
workspace 2 output primary
workspace 5 output VGA1 LVDS1
workspace "2: vim" output VGA1
  • Based on the documentation ("You can specify multiple outputs. The first available will be used.") this will not have the effect of having workspace X show on two outputs, which I am looking for. Or alternatively, showing the same window on multiple workspaces.
    – fbence
    Nov 9, 2019 at 10:56

I believe the best way of achieving this in Regolith is mirroring the external display via the gnome control center.

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