Whenever I try to access, for instance, a kernel file from within the root of the tftp server. In my case /tftpboot. So something like the file /tftpboot/vmlinuz, pxelinux happily loads the file. However, as soon as I start nesting the file, down a folder or more, pxelinux won't load the file at all.

I can see the error, flashing at the bottom of the menu, when selecting the option. It says something in the style of:

Loading /path/to/file...failed: No such file or directory.

I use dnsmasqs tftp server, along with it's proxyDHCP server. Here is the configuration file for dnsmasq; /etc/dnsmasq.conf:

pxe-service=x86PC,"Network Boot",pxelinux

Here is a snippet of a menu entry in the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default file:

LABEL ubuntuserver1804x64install
MENU LABEL Ubuntu Server 18.04 x64
# Does not work
KERNEL /res/bootfiles/ubuntu/server/18/04/x64/casper/vmlinuz
# Does work!
KERNEL vmlinuz

Obviously I've seen other people do this, i.e. nesting the files like this.

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