I misclicked when correcting a spelling error when using Kate and added the misspelled word to my dictionary, how do I go about removing it?


Experimentally, I entered a wrong word on purpose, and then used find+grep to search it the various ~/.* directories. This didn't find anything. So I closed the file in Kate, reopened a new one, re-entered the same word, and it was marked wrong again. I conclude that "Add to dictionary" is only temporary for the current file.

Incidentally, Settings>Configure Kate>Editor Component>Editing>Spellcheck has a list of "ignored words", so I guess that this is what you use to enter words permanently.

  • Damn. I just added a lot of words! At least I don't need to worry about my original problem. – Lucas Nov 7 '19 at 23:44

Since the Kate documentation did not specify where it would be, I'd suggest you launch Kfind to do a contents search for the misspelled word. First, look in ~/.config and if not found there, search again in ~/ .

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