On CentOS 8 I've installed PostgreSQL 10 using the packages provided by the postgresql module from CentOS repositories, instead of those provided by the official PostgreSQL YUM repositories. I thought it to be preferred, given that version 10 is enough for me, so to avoid adding additional repos. However, now I need to install PostGIS, and it is not available in CentOS repositories, nor on EPEL. Hence some (inter-related) questions:

  1. Can I install the PostGIS packages from PostgreSQL YUM repositories on top of PostgreSQL CentOS packages, or do I have to install postgres as well from the external repositories?
  2. If it is needed, how to I switch from the CentOS postgresql package to the "official" one from the external repository? is it just a matter of removing a package and installing the other (keeping version 10, of course)?
  3. Is there any packaged distribution of PostGIS for CentOS 8 built on top of CentOS packages instead of the external "official" packages?

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