I'm trying to remove an integer from a decimal value that I currently have.

current syntax:

h=$(echo "scale=2; (($e/$g/$g))" | bc) 
echo $h 

The following is used to convert seconds to minutes and then hours however it returns "21.15" hours.

I want to keep the 0.15 and multiply it by 60 (leaving me with 9 minutes) -- and eventually 21 hours 9 minutes.


The bc remainder operator is %

   expr % expr
          The  result  of the expression is the "remainder" and it is com‐
          puted in the following way.  To compute a%b, first a/b  is  com‐
          puted to scale digits.  That result is used to compute a-(a/b)*b
          to the scale of the maximum of scale+scale(b) and scale(a).   If
          scale  is  set  to  zero  and both expressions are integers this
          expression is the integer remainder function.


$ echo '21.15 % 1' | bc

$ echo '(21.15 % 1) * 60' | bc

As per the bc doc:

expr / expr

The result of the expression is the quotient of the two expressions. The scale of the result is the value of the variable scale.

So use scale=0 to have an integer division:

>bc <<<'scale=2; 8/3'                                                                 

>bc <<<'scale=0; 8/3'

You can try with dc:

echo '21.15 1%60*p' | dc -f -


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