I have NodeJS app. app.js. And I'm trying to start it at each boot of my linux device. For that here what I've tried :



start() {
    node /home/root/MYAPP/app.js

stop() {


placing this shell in /etc/init.d/ doesn't solve it. So my question is how may add my app.js as added startup service ?
thanks in advance!

  • The really easy option would be to start it with cron as a @reboot job. I wouldn't know how to do it with systemd though. – Kusalananda Nov 7 at 9:30
  • @Kusalananda thanks for replying. if u have an example on how to do I'll try it – Engine Nov 7 at 9:35

Of course, you could write your own systemd unit starting NodeJS based processes. THen again, you may want to look into NodeJS Processes Managers, such as PM2.

You'll find all you need registering a systemd service, then managing your NodeJS processes : https://pm2.keymetrics.io/docs/usage/startup/

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