mutt in Centos 7 I write this to help others as the articles I found were a mess and did not explain properly.

So when I am in an email in Mutt and I naturally scroll out of instinct, mutt sends me back to the previous indexed screen to the list of emails and scrolls there, it drops me out of the current email I am trying to scroll through, which is extremely frustrating.

To Navigate my email I can: - Return key to scroll down 1 line at a time. - page down/up for 1 page at a time. - home to go to top. - end to go to bottom. - probably heaps of other ways, which I am happy to expand on here, please comment and I will edit/add acordingly.

But mouse scrolling is natural!

How do I fix this?


For Me it was:

login as root

>sudo su -

using nano editor (i prefer nano) edit this file in the hone directory of the user (i think)

>nano .muttrc 

add these 2 lines:

bind pager <up> previous-line #scroll inside the message rather than the index
bind pager <down> next-line"

Save in nano


do this for the user you are accessing mutt as, for me I am accessing root's emails.

I do not know whether this breaks a different use of the scroll wheel, but for me the application behaves as I expect.

ENJOY your mutterings!

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    Is there a way to prevent Page Down from going to the next email? I'd rather it just say "Scrolled to bottom of message", consistent with Page Up. – Raman Mar 19 '20 at 13:08
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    Add the line set pager_stop = true to .muttrc to prevent Page Down from going to the next email. – matvore Oct 18 '20 at 21:07

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