I have limited networking knowledge, so please bear with me :)

I have a host that runs a VM that has 2 interfaces (ens33 and crc). My host has an interface (eth0) that is on the same subnet as "ens33".

I need to connect to this URL that is available only through "crc" from the host's interface (eth0).

While I can do the name resolution directly through /etc/hosts. I am unsure how can I route the traffic from eth0 to crc.

Furthermore, the host has firewalld enabled. The VM has iptables enabled.


eth0 IP =

/etc/hosts    abc.testing.com

ens33 IP =
crc IP =

Thanks in advance!

  • What's the relevance of the entry from /etc/hosts? It doesn't seem to figure anywhere in the question – roaima Nov 6 at 23:19
  • With my limited networking knowledge, I was thinking if I hardcode the resolution into /etc/hosts, then all I need is to figure out a way to route the traffic from eth0 to crc. – Daniel Yeap Nov 7 at 1:18

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