I'd like to use DRBD storage in a two node cluster where I need to have two filesystems setup on DRBD device(s) I am not sure which one is best to use for my needs, I have /dev/sdb disk on both nodes and what approach should I chose?:

1) partition my source /dev/sdb to sdb1 and sdb2 and create drbd0 from sdb1 and drbd1 from sdb2, on which (drbd0/1) I can create desired two (xfs) fileystems

2) create sdb1 partition, pvcreate, vgxreate and then two LVs which I will use for drbd0 and drbd1 creation and further filesystems creation

3) create sdb1 partition of which I could create drbd0 which I could use for pvcreate/vgcreate/lvcreate and then the two filesystems on it (supported? would it work? pvcreate on drbd0 with possibility to export/import VG on second node?)

4) create sdb1->pv->vg->lv>drbd0->pv->VG->2xlvs->2fs?

Is any of above option recommended? Which is strongly not recommended?

I need to configure docker active-backup cluster where /var/lib/docker and /data fielsystems are created/secured on DRBD so I can switch it with PCM cluster between the two nodes..

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