I am running a centos 7 system. I installed initially postgresql from the base distribution, which gave me version 9.2. After using it for a while, I needed some of the json function of the newer versions, so I bit the bullet to install version 12 as described in https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-postgresql-12-on-centos-7/.

As I needed to transfer the data from the old db and I did not want to risk taking down a system if there should be any issues in the upgrade, I set up postgresql12 to use port 5433. Both servers worked fine, but I noticed that all the command line utilities were from version 9.2. Luckily, I had logged what happended during the installation and could see that it complained about not being able to overwrite the old utilities as they were not symbolic links.

I could do with that, running the new utilities from /usr/pgsql-12/bin if so be needed, but now I have finished the testing and deinstalled the postgresql-server from base.

Is there a yum command I can run to make yum set up the needed symbolic links now that the old utilities are out of the way? A deinstall / install is not acceptable.

(I first thought about posting this do db admins, but I feel it is much more about yum than postgres, so I think it belongs here)

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