Which do you recommend? Some POVs to consider:

  • stability
  • available packages
  • life
  • kernels
  • or any other reasons?

[note] This question was originally a request for recommendation between Debian 5 "lenny" and Debian 6 "squeeze". I modified it to make it more generic.

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    I think we should close this as too localized, this won't be right in 5 years when the next debian is released. – xenoterracide Jan 7 '11 at 13:12

Go for Debian Testing:

  • life: Official support for Debian releases end a year after a new one has been released. So if you go for Debian Stable, you only have a year from next release before needing to upgrade.
  • stability: At the time of writing, the soon-to-be Debian 6 "squeeze" had ~20 RC bugs while then Debian 5 "lenny" had a whooping ~900 RC bugs (but don't read too much into it).
  • packages: Each release of Debian has more packages than the last. Note that sometimes some packages are removed from a release. Reasons may include death of software, stability, security, ...
  • kernels: More often than not, you want a newer kernel, if not for nothing but improved hardware support.

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