Here's what I want to achieve:

I want to protect folder /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test from being removed or moved, but files inside can be removed.

I try to use chattr +a /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test, but fail.

~# chattr +a /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
chattr: No such file or directory while trying to stat /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
~# mkdir /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
~# chattr +a /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
~# date >> /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test/test
~# rm /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test/test
rm: can't remove '/mnt/sdmmc0p2/test/test': Operation not permitted

Then I try 'u' (undeletable) flag

~# chattr =u /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
~# rm /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test/test
~# rm -r /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test

Here's two questions:

  1. Can my goal being achieved by chattr?
  2. Why 'u' flag is not working? Do I misunderstand meaning of "undeletable"?

You can do this simply with chmod and chown

sudo chown root:root /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
sudo chmod 777  /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test

then to test

cd  /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
touch mytest1
rm mytest1
cd ..
rm -rf  /mnt/sdmmc0p2/test
rm: cannot remove '/mnt/sdmmc0p2/test': Permission denied
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  • Thanks for your answer. However, real user in my system would be root, and I want to ban root user from deleting this folder. – Yu-Ting Chen Nov 7 '19 at 0:21

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