I need to start a server kind of program (http-server), it run in the terminal and will output the port it is using when ready. I want to wait until the port number is displayed and then run another command that will also be a server kind of program (run and accept user interaction)

I can get itto almost work with

http-server | (grep -m 1 "Server runing"; interactiveProgram)

InteractiveProgram will launch after grep match the first line but it won'tbe interactive)


I suspect the problem is that with

http-server | (grep -m 1 "Server running"; interactiveProgram)

interactiveProgram’s standard input isn’t connected to the terminal, but piped from http-server’s standard output (once grep has finished with it).

http-server | (grep -m 1 "Server running"; interactiveProgram < /dev/tty)

should do what you’re after.

  • Thanks @pLumo, that is a bit of a blocker! – Stephen Kitt Nov 5 '19 at 14:15

If you run it as part of the pipe, stdin won't be connected with the terminal as @Stephen Kitt already said. But if you run it afterwards, it won't run before http-server has quit.

A workaround would be to use a while-loop with a grep call each line:

http-server | while read line; do
    echo "$line" | grep "Server running" && { interactiveProgram; break; }

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