I have a mergerfs filesystem /data which merges /data1 /data2 /data3 /data4, each of which are ext4 filesystems.

I am exporting the directory /data/coihome (actually a directory in /data3) via NFS to subnet.

1) I bind mount /data/coihome to /srv/exports/coihome (ownership /srv/exports recursively set to nobody:nogroup)

#REV: our mergerfs of all the /data partitions into /data                                                                                                     
/data1:/data2:/data3:/data4    /data       fuse.mergerfs  defaults,allow_other,use_ino,fsname=mergerFS   0       0

#REV: bind /data/coihome to /srv/export/coihome so we can export safely                                                                                       
/data/coihome /srv/export/coihome none bind 0 0

2) In /etc/exports I export the /srv/export/coihome (note -- it's bind-mounted to /data/coihome) (note I must have separate fsid for each because of FUSE, see Having trouble exporting FUSE via NFS )

/srv/export  ,fsid=0,sync,no_subtree_check)

I have also added option crossmnt to the first line, with no observed behavior change.

Finally, I mount the NFS exported directory to /mnt/coihome

#REV: mount coihome (NFS)                                                                                                                                     
coi3:/coihome   /mnt/coihome   nfs4    _netdev,auto  0  0

Now, the issue: I can modify, create, delete, etc, files in /mnt/coihome with no issue. However, git commands fail with permission errors (insufficient permissions) when modifying files in .git/objects etc.

I have tried modifying ownership/permissions as suggested in several forums, e.g.

Permissions issue with git


Even doing chmod -R 777 does not work.

However, Running commands as superuser (with sudo) does work (no_root_squash in /etc/exports in that situation of course).

If I directly export the non-FUSE system (e.g. /data3/coihome bind-mounted to /srv/exports/coihome) then everything works as expected with no permissions problems. So, going through the FUSE mergerfs is causing some problem that I can not figure out.

Any suggestions or insights would be much appreciated.

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