I'm using the XfApplet for integrating the mintMenu into my Mint Xfce installation.
As shortcut I defined Super_L which works fine.
Additionally I want to define a shortcut <Super_L>r to execute gnome-terminal.
Unfortunately the Super_L keystroke gets interpreted and consumed early so that the mintMenu appears and types r into the search field.

Is it possible to configure that both shortcuts Super_L and <Super_L>r work properly?

Edit: This is how the mintmenu looks like.
enter image description here


I'm afraid not entirely - the events seem to be activated on key-press (as opposed to key-release), hence the best you will likely be able to achieve is Super_L opening the menu, and if you don't let go of the key and press r being interpreted as Super+r, which would open your terminal (at least how this works for me).

  • So you created two shortcuts via the keyboard menu, right? How can I open the mint menu via the shell? I tried mintmenu but this simply spawns the menu button in the middle of the screen. Am I missing some parameter? Currently I only configured the menu shortcut in the panel's preferences not via the keyboard shortcut configuration.. – Marc-Christian Schulze Nov 6 '12 at 22:11
  • @user1563 Yes, two shortcuts, but the one for plain Super_L is triggered always. I'm not really sure what mintmenu is - any chance xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu might be what you are looking for? By the way, would it be suitable to use the Menu key to open the menu? – peterph Nov 6 '12 at 22:35
  • Since I'm using both Windows and Linux on different machines I want to configure the same shortcuts for convenience. The xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu command opens the context menu of my mouse which is not what I'm looking for. I've added a screenshot of the mint menu. I changed the shortcut to <Control>Super_L which is less convenient but works at least. Thanks for your effort. – Marc-Christian Schulze Nov 7 '12 at 7:29

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