Ok, initial Deets Update: Tried wiping the Pi and retrying, I unfortunately got similar results. Any help out there?

  • Working using Putty on Windows 10
  • Connecting to a Raspberry pi 3 on my local network
  • Running Raspian Buster 9-26
  • Have DDNS Setup and working ( Things Like Nextcloud and OpenVPN are setup and working)

I tried setting up an inital SOCKs Proxy thinking it would be on a similar level of difficulty. I changed the default listening port for SSH following /default SSH port I confirmed it's listening by running

sudo netstat -antp

I got confirmation of 3 ports listening:22,80 and 8080

listen Confirmation

Next I tried to setup the tunnel to run the proxy.

ssh -D 8123 -f -C -q -N pi@example.com

I tried to verify that the process was up by trying both

ps aux | grep ssh


ps aux | grep PORTNUM

Where PORTNUM was a random number like 9001

I was expecting some sort of output like THIS. Where I'd see -D and the applicable port, but I never got any extra line items from that command, and the explicit port ones only showed the default result, see below.

SSH ex

port ex

I also tried running the SSHD command but it kept telling me I had an extra argument in the form of the port i wanted it to run on.

Can someone try to guide me or point me to some other resources?

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