Is there a way to measure the amount of I/O issued by a process (or set of processes) that is sync vs async in nature? Assume that I have root access to the system (linux) but that I do not know in advance what applications will be run, nor can I force the users to instrument their own code (i.e. I can't make them run /usr/bin/time [whatever] just to make my life easier...)

Something like a "more detailed iostat or htop" might well do the trick, but I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

At least in some instances, it would be acceptable to reduce performance on a running process to get this information...

An example of the data matrix I'm ultimately trying to get would be "How many {sync,async} {operations,bytes} have been {written,read} by process PID since it was started?"

The primary filesystem here is ZFS, though a filesystem-agnostic answer would be even better.

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