I Built 3.18 kernel for my android device. its stuck at init where the init is supposed to find the /system from Android DT and mount it , unfortunately it fails to find the location the error from last kmsg is given below

[    5.960849] random: init urandom read with 39 bits of entropy available
[    5.975718] init: init first stage started!
[    5.976048] init: Using Android DT directory /proc/device-tree/firmware/android/
[    6.000543] init: [libfs_mgr]__mount(source=/dev/block/platform/soc.0/7824900.sdhci/by-name/system,target=/system,type=ext4)=-1: No such file or directory
[    6.000582] init: Failed to mount '/system': No such file or directory
[    6.020256] init: Failed to mount required partitions early ...
[    6.020283] init: panic: rebooting to bootloader  

I need help regarding this onto why the Init cant find the Mount point mentioned in the Android DT. Any Help will be appreciated

  • Since you built your own kernel, it is possible that you forgot to include some essential driver. The No such file or directory can mean either that the storage device cannot be found (maybe the sdhci driver is missing, or the /dev/.../by-name/... hierarchy is not available yet?), the filesystem cannot be supported (ext4 kernel module not available?) or there is no empty directory named /system on the root filesystem to act as a mountpoint. – telcoM Oct 31 '19 at 15:51
  • Do you have that /system dir at all? A mountpoint is just a (empty) dir. That would be easy to fix (mkdir /system). – rastafile Oct 31 '19 at 16:27
  • @telcoM yes I have ext4 and sdhci support and sdhci driver is fully initialized the partion number of this system is 36 and it mounts before hand and shows up in log but doesn't identify the mount point here is the link to my source github.com/tejasudupa/3.18-kernel-kenzo also telcoM what do you mean by hierarchy not available yet? – GAME BASE Oct 31 '19 at 17:47
  • @rastafile yes I have /system dir and my older kernel 3.10 mounts the system dir while the kernel I have built now doesn't mount it. The system partition is mounted mmcblk36 and 24(cust partition) is mounted before this executes – GAME BASE Oct 31 '19 at 17:50
  • o and I did not see telcoM had that listed...only other idea I have: why /system at all? Is that not the root fs to mount on "/" ? – rastafile Oct 31 '19 at 18:07

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